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Founding Fulcrum Bookkeepers

My name is Michael Nemunaitis. Early on, I spent years chasing my education and career dreams. After earning a master’s degree in finance, I spent many years climbing the corporate ladder, working for global leaders in a variety of fields. Most of them exerted extreme demands on my life, marriage and family.

I paused and took a sabbatical from the rigorous demands of the corporate world. Stepping back to breathe, my family and I volunteered for a few years in a foreign land. It was the time I needed to explore what was deep within me, where I was to go from there and who I was made to be.


I’m a numbers guy, a critical thinker! Always have been. It’s how I think and relate and who I was created to be. Now, I’m a small business owner, appreciating the ups and downs and challenges that we face each day. In this crazy and quickly-changing world, I especially want small businesses to succeed so I’ve dedicated this extended season of my life to enable them.


So, for you, small business, I’m here to serve you.

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